Archival fieldwork in Okinawa!

Archival fieldwork in Okinawa!

Finally made it to Okinawa to get all the linguistics data and eat all the food!

Top photo is of us and my mum (who tagged along) at Nakijin castle, one of the few surviving ruined castles of the Ryukyu Kingdom, and a UNESCO world heritage site!

More photos and highlights below:

Delicious Okinawa soba, missed this!

Another classic, gooya champuru!

Mum and John at Churaumi Aquarium

Delicious sashimi!

Old stone road in Naha, near Shuri Castle

Taco rice!

Amazing ishigaki beef!

Beautiful chiffon cake in a cafe near the university library (where we actually did work)

Aseroora beer! A local specialty🍻